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The first time the recruiters came to visit, his dad shut the door in their faces. But when they find ones like Cooper they don’t let them go easily. They scan for them, train them, ghost them. And thank whatever gods you pray to that they do. Because the sky above earth is torn. And in the days ahead, we are going to need them.
Rise Siren Five is a Cyberpunk, Neo-Noir, Sci-Fi Action Thriller. A pacey, spicy, intrigue filled read.
*S.S. Delaunay writing as Sawyer Dale


From the lone rebellion of a WorldCoding Cybriid, to a besieged, remote Federation Outpost, to the dark magics of the Elite Echelon Military, and to Earth, where more and more awaken. Off-Worlders is an absorbing collection of Sci-Fi stories.

A companion collection to the Cyberpunk, Neo-Noir, Sci-Fi Action Thriller, Rise Siren Five.

*S.S. Delaunay Writing as Sawyer Dale

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