In 2013 I took  myself off to Northern NSW to write Rise Siren Five. The Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Thriller was released May 2015. Published by my very own baby pu

blishing company, Carter Pierce Publishing.

In Jan 2016, Off-Worlders was published and in 2017 I headed back to the city because that’s where my Muse wanted to be. Always follow your Muse. She always knows the best places to be. And she has impeccable timing.

Back in that rush of city creativity, and big changes happened and are happening. Rise Siren Five and Off-Worlders have been re-edited and re-released under my Pen Name, Sawyer Dale.

And there’s a new Pen Name and a whole range of goodies coming under Harper Ashton.

Sawyer Dale is my Cyberpunk, Neo-Noir Sci-Fi, Action Thriller thing. And I love it oh so very much. I can see how Pen Names become like characters of their own. Ah, the endless entertainment of a writer’s mind.


The sequel to Rise Siren Five is on the way.




S.S. Delaunay

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