S.S. Delaunay ~ #SciFiSiren

Sarah Delaunay writes Edgy SciFi Fantasy. She is the author of Rise Siren Five, Off-Worlders, Off-Worlders SE and The Disclosure Series. An Arts Graduate and English Literature major who was blessed to study Anthropology at a time when her University had one of the best departments in the world; she still feels the excitement of those breath taking and world changing teachings.

From off-beat warrior training camps in the California desert, to mixed martial arts, to varied learnings from esoteric teachers everywhere, she has never stopped exploring different takes on things – physical, mental and other.

Her blog is a mixture of SciFi, Fantasy, Myth, Anthropology, Creation & The Art of Story. She is a firm believer that there are only three essential earth food groups and they all start with C – Coffee, Chilli and Chocolate. If she had to choose, it would of course be the coffee.

S.S. Delaunay
Edgy SciFi Fantasy


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