Muse Infused   Get It Keep It – 5 Key Ways to the Ultimate Create State #amwriting #amcreating #amblissing #ammuseinfused WARNING! Will kick on occasion. Will repeatedly lead you into the zone. You may experience ecstasy, adrenalin spikes and rushes of blissful, creative energy. You may do/play/create something kinda awesome. You may really, really, really… Read More

Psychopaths – In Our Books, Our Movies, Our Minds   What Do They Really Want? What Do They Really Mean To Us? My heart is pounding. His energy is immense, different, vast, thick, penetrating. It delves deeper and reaches higher. It is like nothing I’ve experienced before. And then he speaks. And his voice holds… Read More

The wonderful My Train of Thoughts on… Site  were kind enough to ask me my thoughts on a few little things. This is a great site and the interview was so much fun to do. We covered everything from the peeps who made the pyramids to what was surely a trick question about coffee. 🙂 You can… Read More

  Bad Boys – Part Two – Predators – In fiction we romance them. In real life they fill us with horror. They’re in every story arc in every genre – interesting. The dictionary on my Mac says a predator can be animal, human or business. The animal predators get the natural credits, the human… Read More

Bad Boys – The Eternal Allure of the Damned What Do The Vampires, Predators & Psychopaths Really Mean To Us? Part One – Vampires   Immortality – Freedom – Darkness – Truth – Power – Blood. The Allure of Being Immortally “Present.” Of all our Monsters – and particularly over the last 30 years –… Read More

What’s the appeal? Why do our monsters keep appealing to us?   In the current book I’m working on, I’m going in deep with one of my “damned” – Arc. He’s a character that’s been described as “all bad,” “truly sick,” and a “great character” all in one go. There’s something about him, I’m told.… Read More

Get back on the awesome ride. And off of the sucky one. Back in the good old Middle Ages, some peeps got jack of the whole tyrannical control thing going down by church and state and did some radical things. They translated some weighty religious tomes into the common tongue and sent them viral via… Read More