A Companion Collection to Rise Siren Five

From the lone rebellion of a WorldCoding Cyrbiid, to a besieged, remote Federation Outpost, to the dark magics of the Elite Echelon Military, and to Earth, where more and more awaken; Off-Worlders is an absorbing collection of sci-fi stories.

Fans of Rise Siren Five will love this; as they journey deeper into the characters, worlds and concepts of the first novel of the Disclosure Series. But these stories stand on their own, as a treasure trove of sci-fi gems; sometimes dark, sometimes sensual, sometimes humorous, S.S. Delaunay takes the reader on sudden twists and unexpected turns.

A companion collection to the edgy Sci-Fi Action Thriller, Rise Siren Five.

There is a Special Edition of Off-Worlders which contains two Extra and Exclusive Stories.

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Short Stories

“Even if you’ve never read the series before, these are short sci-fi stories. That’s always a nice time-spender. The stories alternative from funny to suspenseful to dramatic to meaningful. You’re getting a full meal out of this thing.”

“This writer delivers her tales of adventure with a unique, cryptic writing style that readers will either love or hate. Myself, I find it addictive, and plan to read the next full length novel.”

“The “special edition” includes an origin story for the series, and it points to a wide-open world that I can’t wait to read more about.”


Edgy Dazzling Sci-Fi