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Rise Siren Five

Book 1 of the Disclosure Series – eBook & Paperback

Cooper Pierce is off-world. And off-world there is no-one to pull you out of cover.You play along as you need to or you die. Cooper is the best we have, but he is losing himself. He has been undercover too long. The dark powers and dark appetites of the elite Echelon guard are changing him.

But when the Moethiican beauty called Rise, Code Name SIRENFIVE, is captured by the Echelon, he must free her, get her on side, and get her back to earth with him. Rise is the most coveted asset in the cosmos, as powerful and deadly as she is beautiful, but she is unaware of who she is, what she must do, and what she is capable of.

On the run across the cosmos back to New York, Cooper and Rise must form an uneasy alliance, and outwit and outrun all that pursues them. But little do they know the biggest threat is already here waiting for them, concealed in the highest levels of the military and the government. Betrayed, alone and unable to trust anyone, Cooper and Rise must pull off the impossible together. But will the heat rising between them compromise everything?

Rise Siren Five is an edgy, action packed, sexy, sci-fi thriller; with the cosmos on the brink of ultimate war, who our real allies are, and what our enemies really want from us, may surprise you.

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Action Thriller




“An excellent blend of science fiction and fantasy, with a very sexy edginess.”

“This is an intriguing story that leaves me asking for more.”

“A great plot that unfolds at a manageable pace and larger than life characters make this a book you won’t just enjoy once, but will want to go and read again right after.”

“I was looking for something to take me to another world, and I found it!”

“Her pace and cryptic style is, actually, a bit addictive.”

“Oh my God I love this book…a sexy sci-fi thriller but so much more besides. There is a real intelligence in the writing and enough thrills and intrigue that I was hooked from the first page to the last.”


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