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“I am crazy for this author and you will be too. If you’ve been searching for an edgy, provocative sci-fi series to completely submerse yourself in, I think you’ll enjoy this one.”

When you’re the most coveted asset in the known worlds, you better be ready to run from all of them.

Rise Dantalian is living the last day of freedom she will ever know. She expects the elite Echelon Military to bring her in. What she doesn’t expect, is the secret of who she really is, to be revealed in all its magnificent, lethal glory.

As Rise fights for her life at the cruel hands of Arc, the ridiculously powerful young Echelon leader, an unlikely ally reveals himself from within their lower ranks. But the lower ranks of the Echelon are still some of the most major league, dark forces of the known worlds. Why should Rise trust him? And more importantly, why should she trust the Earth powers that be, he’s maddeningly hellbent on delivering her to?

On the run, caught in a web of secrets, lies, power plays and black ops that span the cosmos, Rise must come to terms with who she is, who she can trust, and what she will do. That decision will change the fate of Earth and the known worlds forever. The people pulling at her strings have their own ideas about what they want to go down. But this coveted asset has ancient, cosmic knowledge pumping through her veins, and in the end, she just might surprise all of them.

Edgy and action packed, Rise Siren Five is a pacey, spicy, intrigue filled read.

Praise for Rise Siren Five:

“The world the author has created for us – gloriously rich, vibrant and mysterious – the perfect setting for this action packed Sci-fi fantasy. If you’ve been searching for an edgy, provocative sci-fi series to completely submerse yourself in, I think you’ll enjoy this one.”

“Finding a book with well written and engrossing Sci-Fi is difficult enough, but having one with great action and sexy sleekness is for me a real treasure.  A great plot that unfolds at a manageable pace and larger than life characters make this a book you won’t just enjoy once, but will want to go and read again right after.”

“Oh my God I love this book. I love the feeling of discovering a new author whose writing you just connect with straight away. Rise Siren5 is a sexy sci-fi thriller but so much more besides. There is a real intelligence in the writing and enough thrills and intrigue that I was hooked from the first page to the last.”

*S.S. Delaunay writing as Sawyer Dale


Off-Worlders by Sawyer Dale & S.S. Delaunay


“This is intelligent fiction, perfect for those of us who like a story to live beyond the pages.”

A collection of 13 Sci-Fi and Fantasy short stories, both from and beyond the worlds, characters and concepts of “Rise Siren Five.”

Dark, humorous, suspenseful, adventurous, captivating. Included here are: “Outpost,” “Queen,” “Izabel,” “Minx Fae,” “Haven,” “Epiphany,” “Lighthouse,” “Earth,” “Scream,” “Sprite,” “Night,” “Origin,” and “Left Behind.”

Praise for Off-Worlders:

“This is intelligent fiction, perfect for those of us who like a story to live beyond the pages. While Off-worlders is a superb standalone, it is intended as a companionette to the author’s Disclosure Series. After you devour these shorts, you will want to dive right into the first full length novel from the series, Rise Siren Five. Highly, Highly Recommended!”

“Even if you’ve never read the series before, these are short sci-fi stories. That’s always a nice time-spender. The stories alternate from funny to suspenseful to dramatic to meaningful. You’re getting a full meal out of this thing.”

“This writer delivers her tales of adventure with a unique, cryptic writing style that readers will either love or hate. Myself, I find it addictive, and plan to read the next full length novel.”

*S.S. Delaunay Writing as Sawyer Dale

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