Blood Brain Boom! Hitting the Peak of “The Zone” when Creativity gets Physical. And Juicy. What gets you there?

Blood Brain Boom!
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Red Blood Cells – Flowing

“The Zone.” That mystical place where masters of their craft do awesome things accompanied by amazing sensations and feelings. It’s an intoxicating place. As close to the perfect “Now” in action as can be. Complete focus; brilliant, exquisite execution; euphoria.

A big tingling, hooked in, magical Aware.

Anything can happen in this place. And it often does. That’s why we happily pay good money to see and experience the performances and creations of the people who go there often.

No wonder so many people have tried to bottle it. If you actually could bottle it and sell it, you’d be rich. But this, like many, many other of the best things in life, is free. The journey to it and the opening up to where it takes you are the only ‘payments’ accepted.

And Anyone can take that Journey.

It – like most things I’ve found to be honest – is a lot like martial arts training.

Focus. Awareness. Routine. Stepping out of your comfort zone. Again and again and again.

What Takes You There?

As a writer, I go to this place most often when I’m taking a character or a concept out on a ledge that scares me.

It scares me to take them there and it scares me to write about it.


It’s physical. Really, really physical. The creative juices and energy start where all creative juices and energy start. Down low.

Down low and riding up through every delicious anchor point of awareness. Crossing the blood brain barrier and Boom! Riding this sort of energy is a rush. Addictive.

When it flows it can feel better than…. well it can feel better than a lot of things. Some manufactured and some organic.

I don’t write all the time from this place at its most intense. But when I’m really out  somewhere I’m not entirely comfortable with, it’s there.

Almost overwhelming at times.

Being in the creative zone at other times is still physical. Tingly blissful and Now. Nothing but these sensations and the act of creation exists. It’s less intense but still pretty bloody amazing. Magical.

And then there are those other times – blocked, lazy, pushing. But I know these are just the ‘breathers’ in between the crazy good bits now.

So I just enjoy them for what they are and don’t stress about them. Well not too much anyway.

I’ve come out the other side into mind blowing, pulsing creation too many times now to believe the ‘breather’ states are permanent.

It’s A Lot Like Life

And all of this, is a lot like life really, isn’t it?

Except that as an athlete, artist or creator, I’m encouraged to be playing in “The Zone.”

But in life, pulsing, mind blowing, out of my comfort zone, out on a ledge behaviour and feelings are not encouraged at all.

Quite the opposite.

Because this is the opposite of the safe, mundane, everyone do and feel the same as everyone else please behaviour that is pushed upon us. Sadly, mostly by ourselves.

We are herded like cattle, milked of all of our uniqueness and daring. And we are expected to feel satisfied with so little of life and of ourselves. And sadly, most of the time, it is ourselves doing the herding.

Same old. Same old. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

But just an inch to the left of where we’re “living…..”

Boom! Ecstasy. Magnificence. Creation. Life tingling and pulsing in all its juicy awareness.

Focus. Awareness. Routine. Stepping out of your comfort zone. Again and again and again.

Find your Blood Brain Boom Zone.

Focus on it. Become Aware. Make a routine of the steps that take you there.

And remember, steps are often not mind blowing at all. But they are the way to the destination that is. And once you get that, truly get that, every single little step just became mind blowing.

Repeat that.

It’s amazing.

And its real.

What takes you there?

S.S. Delaunay


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