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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about books transitioning into Movies and TV Series and how well peeps seem to have been doing it of late. Remember the days of groaning and cursing when you found out some muppet wanted to ruin a perfectly good book with some godawful film or mini-series?

I know, I know there’s still some shockers out there. For the love of god why can’t you people do vampires! I say that with the mighty exceptions of the brilliant True Blood and Interview with the Vampire. I enjoyed Interview with the Vampire the movie, despite all the protests about how it was cast. However I do admit it was a little jarring at first how physically different in appearance Lestat was from the books though.

But if you don’t spend a whole lot of time physically defining your characters, it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Which is kind of nice sometimes.

But we all have our ideas on what our beloved characters looks like. And so, while there is no-one around to tell me I can’t, I’m going to cast the movie of my first book.

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And of course Cooper Pierce would be played by Jai Courtney. All movies are improved by Jai Courtney. Life is improved by Jai Courtney.

And he’s even a Bunnies fan. Sigh.

No, but seriously, aside from the smokingly hot obvious, Cooper is a good guy with a whole lot of potential bad running through his veins. Military, black ops. The guy you want around in a crisis. He knows exactly what to do no matter where he is in the cosmos.

Sigh. Jai is just the perfect Cooper. He knows how to bring that edge of mean and keep it real and smoking.

Jai Courtney is Cooper Pierce. (In my Dream Movie)

More cast members to follow!

S.S. Delaunay

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