The wonderful YA Author, Cassandra Webb will be with me at Byron Bay Writers Festival on Friday 7 August at 2:30pm. Honored to be sharing space with her!

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You may have heard of Cassandra Webb and her young adult fantasy novel ‘Life’. She’s the author donating her proceeds to local special needs children. The book is also the new content on toilet rolls around the Balllina-Byron area. Yes, your next trip to a loo could delight you with the first chapter of ‘Life’. All in the name of celebrating freedom (and a good book).

Cassandra Webb is a children’s and young adult author. Her first children’s book, Adorable Alice, released in 2014 and recently Adorable Alice came out in soft cover for $14.99. Cassandra would like to invite you to purchase your copy from your local bookshop – they all stock it – or Online at New Frontier Publishing

And this author isn’t going to stop there. “The first title in my A Magical Saga series is called Life. It’s about a teenager in a medieval type fantasy world who finds herself in a lot of trouble. The kind of trouble that has her questioning her morals and pushing her limits to survive. There’s a bit of magic, her best friend is a horse, and there’s a cute guy who keeps saving her life.”

Cassandra Webb and her fantasy ‘Life’ will be at the Byron Bay Writers Festival, from 2.30-4.30 on Friday the 7th. She also invites everyone to the Ballina Library from 1.30-2.30 on Sunday the 4th of Aug.

The book, Life, is set in a world where Magic is outlawed, but slave trading is a legitimate profession, which causes some problems for Kemla when she’s captured by slave traders and accused of possessing magic. This series is highly recommended for all the Tamora Pierce fans out there. With a strong female protagonist, who manages to get herself into a lot of trouble, and a cute male slave trader who keeps making sure she can’t escape.

“The book has strong themes of freedom,” says the author. “Story telling is a type of freedom, and so is making art. A way of setting your imagination free, and I want to encourage every child to experience that freedom.”

To preorder your copy go to the ‘purchase’ tab at All preordered copies will be signed by the author and delivered at the beginning of the launch, with the authors proceeds going directly to special needs children.

“This isn’t a book. It’s a ride. You will attach your self to the characters from the very first page. If you wish to thrill your mind with adventure, humor, love… And LIFE, do not pass this read by. In one word… IMPRESSIVE.” Lauri Midge Cline.

Copies can also be purchased at Ballina Library from 1.30-2.30 on Sunday the 4th of Aug. Plus come along for readings, activities and a Q and A with the author.
Also at the Byron Bay Writers Festival. The author will be in the main festival area on the 7th of August from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Drop by, say hi and get a book signed!

“Chasing your dreams isn’t always easy, but I encourage everyone to keep at it. It’s worth the effort,” says Cassandra, who has her sights set on releasing many more books in the future.

And here’s a sample of the first chapter.

Life As A Hunter

My life is hiding, hunting and being hunted.
I try to ignore the new cramp in my foot as a group of men wander past. How inconsiderate of them; they have no idea how long I’ve been waiting here – not for them, but for something to shoot. With swords drawn and darting gazes, the men move as if they’re about to be attacked. I’m in no danger from them, except perhaps of starvation if they keep scaring the wildlife away.
They stumble downstream with my loaded arrow following. Not that I’m planning on shooting anyone, but they are food for something, and I don’t want to be next. They continue around the corner and I just wait.
Pain strikes my ears. The sound of armored dragons forces me flat to the ground.
Biting my lip against the pain, I roll over and peer up through the branches.
The ground shakes with what could be the oversized beasts trying to take flight. All I can see is a flash of black wing or hide plating. And a leg missing its owner.
My heart’s pounding, the kind of faltering, racing beat that only just manages to signal I’m alive. If those dragons had been closer my insides would be mush now.
Slowly my breathing overtakes the ringing, and a scream grows on the edges of my hearing. It’s not the sound a man makes. It’s a pure and fearful cry from a young thing.
I hold my breath, alert for the slightest impression that could mean someone is aiming an arrow at me.
I pull myself out from underneath the brambles and dash downstream – a stupid direction, but the sound of a child crying is not something I can ignore.
The men didn’t have a child with them, but it’s not unusual for kids to escape slavery or the mines and seek refuge here.
The stream moulds into more twists and turns and the shrill scream surrounds me, but there’s nothing and no one to be seen. My heart thumps harder. I have to find the source of the noise and hush it, or I’ll be watching something kill it. A few stupid dead men I can handle, innocent kids dying in front of me is completely different.
I freeze. A child lies clinging to the long native grass, a young boy about three. He looks at me; his lip clamped between his teeth to keep quiet.
I touch my finger to my lips to make sure he stays that way then move past him and towards the sound.
She’s only young, maybe a year old, and she’s curled in a ball on the grass. Her short, blonde, tussled hair is exactly the same as the boy’s. Siblings? I reach into the grass, wrapping my hands around her bony body.
The boy bounces off my side and launches himself at me again.
“Leave!” he says, followed by more words that I can’t quite make out.
Great, now I have two screamers. Babies really, and they’re going to get me killed!
Weakness and vulnerability have their own distinct sounds or scents or some other beacon that lures predators right to you.
We have to run – now.


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Adorable Alice. Written by Cassandra Webb, illustrated by Michaela Blassnig and published by New Frontier Publishing. Order Your Copy Today

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