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And what dreamcast would be complete without Angelina Jolie? Circa above the perfect Rise. One of those actresses who can do beautiful, kick ass and fantasy without turning into caricature. Not so easy to do.

Thank goodness someone was smart enough to clone and cryogenically freeze Ange every 5 years or so, because she is rare, right?

Wait, someone did do that didn’t they?

What do you mean I have to wait for Shiloh to grow up now. I can’t wait that long!!!!!!

Ok, maybe I can. Especially if I get my wish for Jai Courtney and that yummy man sneaking into the picture above into the same movie.

Ah. It’s so nice to dream.

What about you? What book? What dreamcast? Who would you choose to bring your favourite characters to life on the big screen?


S.S. Delaunay

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