In my mis-spent youth – and my mis-spent of an age that should know better – I did a lot of dancing. Sometimes I danced almost all the way through Friday night into Monday morning.

Fast, hard, slamming beats and lots of them. Hundreds of them in fact per minute. When the music of choice progressed to offbeats and more complex rhythms, I was in heaven. This was a new way to dance. A new challenge.

I can still remember – I can still feel – the buzz I felt from finding a whole new kind of music to dance to. One that challenged me to move differently. Moved me out of my comfort zone.

Of course, I have an Anchor Point when it comes to dance. Classical ballet from the time I was three instilled something in me, that no matter what other form I try, I will always return to this as the base point. Everything else is a deviation of the classical. Everything else references this sublime, disciplined art in some shape or way or form.

I am very cheshire cat contended with this. I feel good and safe here.

And life’s like that. Once you find your Anchor Point.

Not the fleeting anchor points that are pushed on us by money and morals and media. Not those we think we can buy from a shop or get from not doing, or another person.

But the real Anchor Point. The one we would have whether we were a bedouin, a millionaire, a cleaner, a tribal hunter, or a hermit.

It’s an Anchor Point that taps into that which is unknowable and still lets us know things.

It lets us see all the options and explore everything.

It is not governed by state or religion or control or prejudice.

It is governed by a power greater than all those things can ever dream of being.

And it delights when you dance on the offbeats.

Try it.


Instead of doing a repetition of 8, do a repetition of nine.

Instead of counting to ten, count to thirteen.

We’re so conditioned to return to where we started.

One. Two. Three. Four.

Feel the energy. You’re back where you were.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.

Feel the energy. You’re somewhere different.

Physically do things you’d normally do to even numbers to odd numbers. Get in between them. Play with the off beats. Do the reverse. Do you list things in threes? List four. Three’s a charm. But what’s number four, number five, number six, number seven?

We’re so conditioned in our rhythms and patterns. When we change them or push past them, that’s when things start to shift and move and reveal.

Ballet, martial arts, tennis, writing…all of these things I’ve learnt and loved. You get good at them. You get to ad lib with them because you do and practice lots of small repetitive things.

Lots of small repetitive things. With complete focus. That and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone again and again and again.

Muscle memory.

It works on mind and body alike.

You train hard so you can do things instinctively with ease.

Most people try to skip the training bit.:)

But when you love what you do and see and feel where it’s taking you, the training is exquisite.

And when the steps are as exquisite as the perceived destination…hello! Welcome to Now. It’s good here.

Perspective training.

Options training.

“Doing” training.

Just these small simple things can start opening up a new perspective.

Irony. You find your Anchor Point. The thing that keeps you safe. Once you move away from the illusion of your comfort zone. Pssst. It’s not safe there! But you already know that on some level or you wouldn’t be reading this. 🙂

And remember, have a dance to the off beats sometime this week. Your Anchor Point will love you for it.

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S.S. Delaunay

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