We’re all very clever. But which bit of us is actually the cleverest of them all?

Well let’s see. Here’s a quick, simple exercise to test the power of your conscious mind.

Ok. So just get your body to stop auto-doing all that breathing and blood pumping business, and let it know you’re so smart you’ll take it all over with conscious thought.

Aha. “Thought” so 🙂

We pride ourselves on our busy little brains, but a lot of the time the physical has us beat. A lot of the time the “un” or sub” conscious physical is smarter than anything we can even perceive or imagine.

That’s why the best of practice training systems use it.

Muscle memory. Ground in the physical. Use repetition of the physical to bypass the silly part of the brain that is often not thinking our “thoughts” at all.

What we misconstrue as “our thoughts” are often just an endless loop of us measuring ourselves to some external benchmark we have aligned ourselves with – e.g. swallowed hook line and sinker.

In the wonderful movie, Network, “This is madness!” so eloquently points out that the people on the television aren’t real, the audience is real. But the audience judges itself by how it measures up to the people on the television. Madness indeed. And selfies and social media hadn’t even been invented them.

If the now seemingly innocent era of Network was madness, we are all now just living in one big selfie taking, terror filled, extremist beheading, maximum security mental institution.

At least I suppose it has a nice view.

And I hear there’s a rebel group that meets in the secret garden down the back behind the tool shed.

They use the physical to open up the smart, infinite, awareness anchor in you. They use the physical to move past where you are right now. To that fraction of an inch beside you where a different option, a different shot, a different version of events, a different version of you is waiting.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee

Repetition of simple, key, effective things is everything.

If you bypass the physical, if you bypass the muscle memory, you’ll never get there. So many “seekers” fall into the trap of disconnecting themselves from the physical rather than using it to get where they want to be.

You were given this body quietly performing constant and consistent miracles for a reason.

Repetition of the physical is the way to re-program the brain. Martial Arts, Kundalini Yoga – both brilliant in this regard.

Worth checking out.


S.S. Delaunay


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