Get back on the awesome ride. And off of the sucky one.

Back in the good old Middle Ages, some peeps got jack of the whole tyrannical control thing going down by church and state and did some radical things.

They translated some weighty religious tomes into the common tongue and sent them viral via medieval facebook, aka the printing press.

Things got a little crazy after that as the common folk got all up and about with the discovery that they could read religious tomes and talk to their religious deities without the middle man, aka the church, interpreting all the “messages” for them.

Since then, we’ve had all kinds of developments.

But how far have we come really?

No matter what deity we believe in – traditional, new age, our own innate power – when we communicate to that part of ourselves or our belief system, have we lost any of the medieval subservience or the vomity theatrics?

New agers need not answer that last one, you know you love your theatrics 🙂

Here’s something I’ve found.

When you talk to your anchor point – your link, your key – to your power, or to powers you believe in, in intelligent rational tones, it doesn’t lessen the experience, it magnifies it.

It makes it real.

It actually starts getting really trippy. The results are immediate. And fairly awesome.
Check out this book if you’re interested.

Imagine that, all these centuries on. Losing the subservience. Losing the theatrics. Using rational, calm communication.

And getting clear, calm rational communication in return.

Tap into that. Get speaking it. Get hearing it. Get riding it. The awesome ride. Not the sucky one 🙂

Until next time.


S.S. Delaunay

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