Bad Boys – The Eternal Allure of the Damned
What Do The Vampires, Predators & Psychopaths Really Mean To Us?
Part One – Vampires


Immortality – Freedom – Darkness – Truth – Power – Blood. The Allure of Being Immortally “Present.”

Of all our Monsters – and particularly over the last 30 years – the Vampire appears to be our favorite. People who would scoff or roll their eyes at other fantasy, sci-fi or supernatural subject matter, will happily devour – no pun intended – anything containing a Vampire. Even the romance genre is rife with happily ever after vampire romances which follow the same careful story arcs as their human on human counterparts.


Because Vampires are sexy goddam it! Everybody knows that. And now that there appears to be an unspoken agreement that you can dumb down, sook up or completely remove their truly scary bits, they can happily fulfill the ultimate bad guy role, without the added inconvenience of killing off the other characters.


The bad boy being so bad he rips the leading lady’s throat out and sucks her dry of her red oozy business, does not fit well with the happily ever after romantic story arc. Or so I’m told.


I’m not so sure. Considering how deeply annoying some of the leading ladies in happily ever after romantic story arcs actually are, it would probably be a happy ending for some of us, but I digress.


Personally, I like my Vampires straight up. Sexy, blood lusting and deadly. With just the hint of possibility that they might decide to deliver exquisite orgasms in exchange for some heavenly biting and careful sipping of sweet blood nectar. They might kill you. But then again, they might not.


If they do kill, it is, most of the time, without guilt or afterthought. High on the psychopath scale and similar to the relationship we have with cows. Except with us as the cows.

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Red Hot Vampire – True Blood – Eric


But despite this, there is ever the possibility they might see us as more than dinner. They might even give us access to the key they so irresistibly dangle. The key to something we’ve been told is not available to us while we physically walk the earth. And which is certainly not available to us getting up to the sort of dark capers these Vampires do. We are scared to cross to the “dark side” to get it, but at the same time secretly delighted that this option is potentially open to us.


And to be scared, and at the same time aroused, by some powerful, magnetic predator who holds a key to immortality; and who may spare us and pleasure us rather than harm us; is something else all together. And by that I mean something else all together than a monster.


Vampires – and there have been many different kinds across all cultures in folklore – have almost always been linked with sex.


Some don’t feed on blood at all. But rather on seduction, sexual energy, essence. Some feed on blood and all of the above. Life in all its physical and energetic forms.


And in that they stand outside of life, yet still in connection with it. Dead but alive. Dead but beautiful. Powerful, charismatic, sexually charged. Supernatural but rooted in our physicality by the need for our blood or essence to survive. Moving about our world as they want to. Rich, free, without our everyday toil and responsibilities. [mailmunch-form id=”245903″]
In these ways they can safely represent our desire for immortality, and also our fear of the death of the physicality of this life. The Vampire straddles both worlds.


They make the immortal – which is unknowable – known, by walking among us.
They are free to walk our world, and not abide by our restraints.
The rules are broken for them, so they need not play by them.
They can make a new society and play by their own rules.



And of course, they come out at night, when our own powerful sides come out. The closer we get to the dream state, the more powerful and in our own essence we become. Like the power of the sensual energies – there’s a reason we scream out those deity names, people – veils start to lift, and shift and get parted. We tap in to something far greater than ourselves.


And in this way, the Vampire points to something in our own subconscious nature. They become a symbol of our own latent power. They are us unleashed, without restraints – moral or physical – able to prowl and roam and do and take and kill at will.


There is no dialling down for them. And in that there is truth, even if it is a dark truth.


And there is an appeal in that – even if it is fleeting and then quickly repressed – in all of us.


Immortality. Freedom. Darkness. Truth. Power. Blood. The Vampire is all these things, and many nuances in between them, without leaving this physical world. Damned? Or a symbol of subconscious power to sink our own teeth into?


And what of the even darker Predators? What are they to us? And what is there lingering, alluring appeal?


Stay tuned. That’s for next time. Read Part Two Now


Happy reading.

S.S. Delaunay


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