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What Do They Really Want? What Do They Really Mean To Us?

My heart is pounding. His energy is immense, different, vast, thick, penetrating. It delves deeper and reaches higher. It is like nothing I’ve experienced before. And then he speaks. And his voice holds a power, a calm, knowing that I have not encountered. He is playing a different game on a different level. The voice is deep and commanding. It is the type of voice I seek to hear. For it is the voice of a keeper of secrets.

But still, I hold myself back, somewhat. Or do I? Is this just an illusion he affords me?

That was last night. It is daylight now, and my heart is still pounding from getting that close to him.

There’s something about Arc. And he’s a Psychopath.

At least he was when I first started writing about him. Clear cut, straight down the line, psychopath. That’s how these series of articles started, based on my research and observations on him, and the desire to delve further into the predators and psychopaths that dominate our stories, our myths, our desires, our subconscious.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Now I wonder am I the only one who truly understands him? Or just his latest victim?

As I ask that question, I know that he likes that I ask it. That I question these things.

Sorry, who said they wanted to be a writer?

Lucky for me I love this stuff. Love delving deep with my characters, feeling them, hearing them, being privileged to tell their stories. Even when they are scary.

And as I get to know Arc better, the one who scared me the most, is now the one who fascinates me more than any of them.

So as I wrap up this three part series, let’s take a look at Psychopaths – what they really want and what they really mean to us in myth and entertainment – as opposed to the cookie cutter definitions we often get peddled to us.

“It becomes possession. They are part of you … [the victim] becomes a part of you, and you [two] are forever one …”
FBI Special Agent William Hagmaier from conversations with serial killer, Ted Bundy

The Psychopath Test – How Far Are You Playing Outside of The Rules?

There was a psychopath test developed many years ago that was looked favorably on as fairly accurate, under strict clinical conditions and expert evaluation based both on the test and other factors.

Now of course many have taken it upon themselves to offer variations of this all over the internet with scant regard to the strict clinical conditions, the expert evaluation and the other life factors. Nevertheless, the questions can be quite interesting to have a peruse of.

The questions highlight an ancient biological trigger about a deep seated fear of anyone living outside of strict moral and social rules. This is potential predator spotting. And in these tests it is the same partner, same job until the end of days ad-nauseam sort of stuff that many of the questions seem to be based around.

More and more, as we evolve and become truer to ourselves, the old same job, same partner routine is both unappealing and unobtainable.

We seek to create new options and new rules for ourselves.

Vampires, predators and psychopaths in books, movies, myth and mind, are all archetypes who play the game of life outside of the rules. It is a large part of why they fascinate us.

Of course, the psychopaths are very much playing outside of all the rules.

And so, when they are relatively successful at it for a time, we begin to wonder, how are they doing it?

Not because we want to do what they’re doing, but because:

1) We need to be able to spot them for our own safety and survival
2) At some level, we’re all searching for the secret code and the secret answers that let us live outside the often seemingly inane and disempowering rules imposed on us.



The Vampire straddles both worlds. They make the immortal – which is unknowable – known, by walking among us.
They are free to walk our world, and not abide by our restraints.
The rules are broken for them, so they need not play by them.
They can make a new society and play by their own rules.
And of course, they come out at night, when our own powerful sides come out. Read the Full Article [/ezcol_1third]



Territory, Gene Replication, Food. It’s biology, baby! Animals will kill their own kind and offspring not theirs, to get all three happening in their favor.
Territory, Gene Replication, Food, Violence, Torture, Abuse, Murder, Rape, Control, Intimidation, Bullying. Hey, we are the reigning super-predators! And we’ve added a few more delicacies to the menu. But humans without modern building, weaponry and modern drugs would still very much be lunch meat to those naturally endowed to be able to take us out. Predators come in all shapes and sizes, from a microbe, to natural disaster, to a lion. We use our mental energies to find ways to protect ourselves and ensure the survival/immortality of our species. Read the Full Article [/ezcol_1third]



If the predator can be the threat to us which results in our death, then the psychopath can also see our death as the path to immortality of their own.
The essence of the victim connects the victim to them. They become more than themselves. What they kill becomes part of them. Essence, power. The sustenance they seek is mental, energetic, emotional. Read the Full Article [/ezcol_1third_end]

Spirit Suckers

Special Agent William Hagmaier of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit said this on the notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy. Hagmaier was struck by the

deep, almost mystical satisfaction” that Bundy took in murder. “He said that after a while, murder is not just a crime of lust or violence,” Hagmaier related. “It becomes possession. They are part of you … [the victim] becomes a part of you, and you [two] are forever one … and the grounds where you kill them or leave them become sacred to you, and you will always be drawn back to them.”

Serial Killers – Predators Disguised & Getting Away With It

It’s said that as a species, since ancient times, we’ve told ghost stories at night, and gossiped about each other during the day. Many of our myths carry subconscious messages about who it is dangerous to mate with and who it is not. We protect ourselves and the survival and immortality of our species – the passing on of our genes – by sharing our knowledge of all that threatens us.

So how do serial killers do it? How do we not spot them as predators amongst us? How are they getting away with it?

Ironically, they get away with it a lot of the time, by pretending to be the very personality type we see portrayed as “nice” – but we should really know is not actually real – in our entertainment mediums.

You don’t need to do very much research on serial killers to find that charm, playing the victim, integrating extremely well with their immediate society was something many of them did very well.

Cunning, manipulation of those around them is a common trait.

And a complete lack of empathy.

What gives the psychopath the opinion or belief that others do not matter in relation to their goal?

What is their goal?

What do they feel is missing that they need to take it from another person’s life?

There is an anchor point missing somewhere, The connection is off.

But then again, most of us live in a society where we are told constantly that our anchor is to be found in other things – other people, property, possessions, status symbols. If we dig deep and look objectively enough we can see these things as more of an economic survival pattern of behavior. And also some ancient biological triggers which haven’t quite caught up with the rest of our development. (A story for another day).

Always Looking For What You Need In Another

But based on this notion of us needing to get what we want from another person, think about the people you know who are draining and creepy to be around even for the shortest time. Doesn’t mean they’re hiding bodies in the basement. They’d have to be more charming and clever to get away with that shiz most of the time. 🙂

Usually they’re just spirit suckers.

You know the kind. They’re needy, a little obsessive, always wanting attention. They try and get it for all the wrong reasons in all the wrong ways. They manipulate – or attempt to. They want something else from even the most basic interaction. It makes people uncomfortable around them. They are generally people a little bit lost, desperately grabbing at anyone and anything to give them a little energy boost, a sense of connection.

Think of the bully – of any age and circumstance – who protects their own insecurity in their place in the world by spreading lies and gossip, manipulating others against another, constantly verbally or physically attacking another, or simply using standover tactics or abuse of a position of “power.”

We meet and interact – most often, but not always, harmlessly – with many of the two examples above every day. Most of us will simply leave environments where there are too many of these same personality types, or they are not managed adequately in their interactions with others. Six months out of their presence and if we’re lucky, we can’t even remember their names.

But push either of those traits above up a few notches and you are in sociopath territory.

Push them further and you are in full blown psychopath domain.

Something Larger Than Yourself

The psychopath who believes they can find what they need by taking it through the life force of another may well have a notion of something larger than themselves.

But they do not have the awareness of how to access it themselves. They see the way to it as taking it from another. Multiple others. Multiple attempts, when the first one fails to deliver what is ultimately desired.

The lack of empathy make the seeking of the larger connection a thing of death and violence and taking.

Portraying a Persona of Playing By The Rules

How ironic that to take what they want from others with such cunning ruthlessness, they must portray themselves as the opposite.

They must portray a persona of playing by the rules, while constantly playing outside of them. Priests and teachers found guilty of molesting children is the ultimate example of this type of cunning psychopath at work.

Stepping Outside of the Rules to Evolve

We need to step outside of the rules to evolve. We need to step outside the rules to free ourselves.

We want the secret to stepping outside the rules the right way, and we need to be able to identify those who step out of them in the complete other direction.

And the motivation to take that step, thrive in playing outside the rules, tap into our own immortality, something larger than ourselves, and still exist in the physical plane – it’s where we started this series of articles, with the Vampire, and what that figure truly means to us.

How interesting, that the Vampire – who is psychopath and serial killer – is also the theme of romance and power and desire.

Vampires – If they do kill, it is, most of the time, without guilt or afterthought. High on the psychopath scale and similar to the relationship we have with cows. Except with us as the cows.
But despite this, there is ever the possibility they might see us as more than dinner. They might even give us access to the key they so irresistibly dangle. The key to something we’ve been told is not available to us while we physically walk the earth. And which is certainly not available to us getting up to the sort of dark capers these Vampires do. We are scared to cross to the “dark side” to get it, but at the same time secretly delighted that this option is potentially open to us.

A Powerful Archetype in our Subconscious Minds

What the vampire is and seeks, and what the psychopath is and seeks, are things we all on a symbolic power level seek.

It is why in the fictional realms of entertainment we can admire and desire them. Here we can safely explore what these archetypes of power mean to us, both dark and light and every variance in between.

And we can learn more about what makes them tick and how to spot them. Which is a good ancient trigger pattern to have working! Because away from the safety of just reading about these serial killers and indulging in hot vampire romance novels, psychopaths in real life, playing out on real streets, is a far different story. And to those that keep those streets safe for us, I say thank you. I can only imagine what it must be like to encounter and work with what you do.

As always, happy reading and safe travels. Me? I’m off to spend more time with Arc. Stay tuned for the US summer release date for Book Two. Arc is very much looking forward to meeting you all. 🙂

“Do you see what I take from her?” Arc looked from the winged on the floor back to Rise. His voice was cold, clinical, detached. Like he was giving a lecture.
“Not the physical.” The Echelon continued. “The physical is but a Veil. I pierce the physical Veil for the gems underneath it. And they are much more interesting. Much more powerful. Much more fun to play with.”
“Pierce her.” He threw over his shoulder to the Echelon on the floor. And his gaze returned to Rise.
She closed her eyes. She would not watch this. Would not be a party to it.
“Do you see it?” His voice was a whisper, wrapping itself around her, compelling her eyes open and to the scene on the floor, in spite of herself.
The winged woman’s eyes flickered open. Violet and stunning like Rise’s own.
And Rise recognized her.
Soar. The rebel. The legend. The only winged in current times to have escaped them. She was believed to be in hiding in the desert, waiting for a sign. She believed she was the one. The one who would embody the Siren of the 5th, open the Portal, and raise the might of the Original Makers against the Old Ones. Against the Echelon. Against all like this and everything they stood for.
Rise looked at Arc and back to Soar in horror.
The pace between her legs quickened. Soar moaned.
White mist danced on her forehead. Arc’s outstretched arm was towards her, palm up. He drew his long gloved fingers, upward, up-right and together. The mist began to gather and form itself. And Rise saw it spinning. The size of a tiny egg. White gold. Glittering. Like a diamond.
He was drawing it our of her, from deep within her. From her mind’s eye.
Essence. Power. Magic.
It moved up out of Soar and towards him.
Without a second thought, Rise willed the mind-diamond back to Soar with everything she had.
And the mind-diamond hesitated, wavering.
Arc merely twisted his fingers ever so slightly, and Rise felt his gloating satisfaction as the diamond flew toward him.
“No!” she cried, but the diamond tumbled over and over, unwavering on its path to meet him.
“To me!” she flung at it, just before it reached him. And the power of her voice shook the room.
Rise Siren FiveDisclosure Book One. Available now in eBook and Paperback from Amazon and all good book retailers.

S.S. Delaunay


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