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Get It Keep It – 5 Key Ways to the Ultimate Create State #amwriting #amcreating #amblissing #ammuseinfused

WARNING! Will kick on occasion. Will repeatedly lead you into the zone. You may experience ecstasy, adrenalin spikes and rushes of blissful, creative energy. You may do/play/create something kinda awesome. You may really, really, really like doing that. You may decide all the ecstasy and adrenalin and bliss and inspired creation is a nice way to do life.

Your beautiful Muse. You may just decide to keep her.

Even when she kicks.

Because she only does it to get your attention. You know, like when you’re trying to sleep at 2AM before an early start, your Muse may see that at as the perfect time to wake you up and send you story ideas. But if you’ve already lavished her with attention – the undivided kind – then she might leave you to sleep and feed those same ideas to you at a tad more convenient time.

If she’s sure of your routine attention, she can store up all those goodies she has for you for the appropriate time. Once she’s confident you’re coming back to her, same bat time, same bat channel, she will come back to you in abundance. Until then, what choice has she got, but to kick a little bit on occasion.

Date night with your Muse. Such a simple thing that will change your life forever. P.S. She has all kinds of goodies beyond creation you know. Because guess what? Once your Muse realises you’re serious with this creative business, she will go out of her way to make the rest of your life easier, so you can focus less on that, and more on her.

She’s smart like that.

You want some of that action? Ok, here are 5 Key Ways to Get and Stay Muse Infused all year round. She’s not just for Xmas you know.

5 Key Ways

1) Moment. This moment. This one you’re living right now. Oops! It’s gone. So from this next moment, cease to give a f**k about what anyone else thinks of your anything. Muse Infused types do life a little differently. Honor that. What a gift! Take risks with your art and never apologise for your life. This moment. Right now. This one.

2) Unto. Unto her. Unto you. If there is one bond that is constant, and dare I say kinda permanent, it’s the bond with your Muse. There is no unto death do us part. You are simply unto each other. Honor that. It’s so ridiculously special there aren’t words to do it justice.

But you will feel it eventually.

And it will blow your mind and heart away.

How do you start? Simple. Just say, thank you. Show up for her. Thank her again. Repeat.

3) Sew It Up. Make it a sure thing. Lavish her and she will lavish you. Maybe even ravish if you’re lucky. Sew it up. Do. Make a date night with her. Weekly. Make it happen. Sew it up. It’s an honor thing.

Spend more time on your creative endeavours – as in DOING – than on thinking about anything basic. Life’s not that hard. It doesn’t need to occupy quite so much of your brain space or the most precious commodity you own – time. Make your Muse the most important relationship you have for a while. Doesn’t have to be all day every day. You’ll find she has a way of asserting and inserting herself as appropriate when you start to flow with her patterns and her yours. It’s a learning curve for both of you.

Come back to me a year after having a weekly date night with your Muse. You won’t know yourself.

4) Enter the let go. Stop thinking. Fire your critics. Let all things flow. The control you’re clinging to is an illusion. Let go. You have to let go to get to the next level. Let all things flow. Let go.

Do this. Do it in a near moment. Let your Muse decide where she wants to go. Walk. Let her lead you. Where feels right? A cafe? A pub? A tree? Sit down wherever she takes you. If she wants a coffee, drink a coffee. If she wants a beer, drink a beer. If she wants a meal, eat a meal. If she wants to write nonsense, let her write nonsense. If she wants to draw let her draw.

Through you. Whatever comes out, let it come through you, without judgement or censor.

Set a timer. 9 minutes. 13 minutes. If you can only do 5, do 5. But in that time you let her create. You do not edit. You honor. Do this regularly.

Come back to me a year after doing this regularly.

You will be living in a different world. Life will have changed forever for you. You will be hanging in the Infused.

5) Did you hear her? All this time she was over your shoulder. Listen. Tune out the nonsense and listen to your Muse. Often she doesn’t speak in words. But you will need to tune out the words that don’t matter to hear her. She will lead you on the most amazing adventures. She will move you out of any situation that is not conducive to her. She is not for the faint hearted.

But you’re one of those creative types. And your heart is as big as the cosmos.

Honor that.

And follow her where she leads you. She’s got your back.

And it’s magnificent.


Unto her.

Unto you.


Enjoy the ride.

S.S. Delaunay

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