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“I am crazy for this author and you will be too. If you’ve been searching for an edgy, provocative sci-fi series to completely submerse yourself in, I think you’ll enjoy this one.”

When you’re the most coveted asset in the known worlds, you better be ready to run from all of them….
Rise Siren Five S.S. Delaunay Writing as Sawyer Dale

Sarah Delaunay is an Author and Publisher who writes under the pen names of S.S. Delaunay, Sawyer Dale and Harper Ashton.

An Arts Graduate and English Literature major, she was blessed to study Anthropology at a time when her University had one of the best departments in the world. Anthropology remains a huge influence on all of her writing today. As S.S. Delaunay she writes across SciFi, Fantasy, Myth, Anthropology, Creation & The Art of Story.

As Sawyer Dale, she writes edgy, fast- paced, spicy Sci-Fi and Urban Fantasy.

As Harper Ashton….stay tuned.

A gypsy at heart, she stopped counting address changes in the 30+ range. From off-beat warrior training camps in the California desert, to mixed martial arts, to varied learnings from esoteric teachers everywhere, she has never stopped exploring different takes on things – physical, mind and mystery. And all of this winds it wonderful way into her writing.


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S.S. Delaunay, Author

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